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We're Not Dead

· 2 min read
Cinder Roxley

There have been questions recently about whether Alchemy Viewer is dead or not. This post serves as proof that we are not dead yet.... Sorry about that. The other frequent question, beside whether we will support RLV or not (and yes we will eventually in some form), is when the next release will be. You've heard the spiel before: The viewer will be ready when it's ready, the viewer is free, we all have jobs and lives and television shows that need to be watched, heads full of teeth that need brushing (unlike some viewer projects) and that all comes before volunteer projects; nobody pays us for this, and just pretend that we said something here that places direct blame on Linden Lab for the delay, not our fault. We are just simple viewer devs with enormous hearts, and we love each and every one of our users equally.

However, this is not why we haven't released the viewer yet. Those are just callous excuses from cold-hearted teams. You see, I regretfully must admit that my MacBook Pro was kidnapped right out of my arms as I slept on April 20th of this year by a covert operation team. My precious macintosh is now being held at a top-secret government facility outside of Fallon, Nevada! So while we would love to release a brand new version of Alchemy, it's simply impossible without attempting a daring rescue effort.

It's gonna take a community effort, you guys! What we need, along with my fearless sense of style and sensible shoes, is a pair of tweezers, a pair of shiny pants, a rubber chicken, a pack of Zebra Stripe chewing gum, and four strips of duct tape. If all goes well, we should have a new version of Alchemy for you soon!