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Alchemy Release

· 3 min read
Cinder Roxley
Alchemy Contributor

Welcome to another exciting adventure of Alchemy Release mode. In our last episode is was one year ago TOMORROW and we were updating the things to match Linden Lab changes and performing small graphical feats of tweakage. There have been a few beta releases along the way, got thirsty, stopped at the sev for an ice cold beverage, and then came back for the new season. This season stars a fresh new cast of characters as we've had some new contributors to the team. The rendering system got a revamp from Shyotl and Drake. Oh, you want to know what else has changed? Well, I'm gonna tell you.

Profiles, group, avatar, inventory, all the profiles now bust out into their own floaters, no more sidebar shenanigans. You want to open a dozen profiles and maybe two or three group profiles right now? Well have at it you wild animal. You can also edit your picks and classifieds from your own profile now. Go on, open up that profile and add a pick telling everyone Alchemy really whips the llama's ass. Did you do it? Oh come on, show us some love and add that pick. You know you wanna, fam. We added an undeformer to cure your mesh woes. It isn't perfect, but you aren't that pretty anyway. I'm just kidding! We love you, that's why we added undeform and reset skeleton so you're always looking your best.

On the OpenSim side of things, we now warn you when you're sending your login credentials over an insecure connection. The grid manager got some tweakage too that makes it more reliable. I also sneaked into the Catznip and borrowed some code that now lets you save all your passwords for all your alts. Yep, Aunt Cinder knows about your alts, children, but don't worry, me and your favorite viewer will keep those alts and their passwords safe and secure. We're looking out for you.

It's been a busy year and I'm sure I've missed some things, you can check back at some of the beta posts for a sneak peek, but real talk, most of the work on this here viewer has been performance enhancements and improvements along with keeping up to date with Second Life (you can check out their release notes too, if you are so inclined.)

So kick back, slap that download button, and enjoy the benefits of staying up to date with the most kickingest ass of viewers. OH, AND REPORT BUGS ON OUR JIRA PLEASE! See you again, soon!