Alchemy Beta 3.8.1

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Thu 16 July 2015. Tags: alchemy, release,

So I was just roller skating down the street one day and my wheel got caught on the storm drain. I fell on my face and it hurt pretty bad. It's a good thing though, you know? Because I had the best idea in the back of the ambulance. Why …

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Alchemy Beta 3.8.0

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Tue 16 June 2015. Tags: alchemy, release,

Hey guys! It's been far too long. So what's up? How have you been? Me? Just splended, splendid. I got my macbook back thanks to the generosity and valor of you, the Alchemy userbase. In thanks, we present to you Alchemy Viewer 3.8.0 Beta.

Alchemy 3.8.0 …

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We're Not Dead

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Sat 16 May 2015. Tags: alchemy,

There have been questions recently about whether Alchemy Viewer is dead or not. This post serves as proof that we are not dead yet.... Sorry about that. The other frequent question, beside whether we will support RLV or not (and yes we will eventually in some form), is when the …

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Alchemy Beta 3.7.19

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Mon 27 October 2014. Tags: alchemy, release,

Woah, like woah! We are excited to see you all liking Alchemy so much. We have been working hard since last release ironing out bugs and improving the experience. This release is jam-packed with tasty goodness, and you're going to want to check it out. Here's the run down:

New …

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