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Alchemy Release 3.8.5

· 3 min read
Cinder Roxley

It's time again for a new viewer, yes it is, and we've been busy little programmers this time around. It's been a little over two months. I hope you didn't miss us. I hope you aren't outside my house right now peeking through the windows like that crazy Adele. I hope it wasn't you out there, creeping along the bushes, whispering about RLV into the dryer vent. You crazy kids sure do love your RLV! Anyway, we've been all kinds of busy making money the way only technocapitalists can which doesn't leave a lot of time for viewer development, but damn it, we made time! We made time for you, our loyal users who love filing bug reports. So what do we have for ya?

Alchemy 3.8.5 us up to date with Linden Lab's latest Second Life release 3.8.5 viewer, we've got tons of fixes. Seriously so many. This release contains changes to 741 different source files. That's a lot o' changes. The biggest new feature though in this release is pretty cool. So cool, I haven't written a guide for it yet, but I will, faithful friends, I will. Alchemy now includes the ability to load skin files. Gone are the days of sticking with our beautifuly crafted dark skin if you don't like it. You're free to make your own, you can even share your own! Loading a skin is as easy as downloading it, loading it in the viewer, and restarting. The viewer only contains the Alchemy skin and the classic Second Life viewer 3 skin to keep install size down, but once I get this guide up, we look forward to seeing what gets created and shared as well as sharing our own alternative skins.

So please check out our new release and report any bugs you find! If you find some really lovely bugs, you might get a quicker release, so hurry up and break stuff. See ya around, beautiful users.

P.S. We are having a really cool Halloween hunt/orgy on Alchemy Debauchery Island with all of your favorite creators and fabulous real life celebrities spinning their favorite tunes! J/k, no time for bullpucky like that. :)